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Do you or your employees store data in Excel? Do you have a Microsoft Access database that can only be opened on one PC? Do you keep data on paper records and spend endless time and money searching for the right sheet? Is your existing system limited to text reports when you want pie-charts? Information is power! The acquisition, storage, processing and presentation of information can provide you with a distinct advantage over your competitors. Many Small Business users have neither the time nor the resources to properly acquire and process large quantities of data to create a valuable business asset.

Typically Microsoft Excel or even Microsoft Word is used to store static lists of information. If your business creates endless Excel spreadsheets to store data on customers, products, projects, or anything else related to your business then we can provide you with a much more valuable solution. Using a carefully designed relational database management system will allow you to do much more with your data and over time the stored information will become increasingly valuable, allowing you to make properly informed strategic plans.

We build our custom database solutions around the Oracle Database and Application Express. That means you get access to the best in business databases, supported by one of the world’s largest software manufacturers. What is also pretty impressive is that many of our small business database solutions can be deployed for no cost, meaning that creating a business class database application can be both affordable and dependable.

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